25,000+ Stories

As the largest Catholic University in the nation, DePaul is home to roughly 25,000 students. That is, 25,000 students with 25,000 unique personalities, 25,000 unique voices, and 25,000 unique stories to tell. Currently, as we are in the midst of the midterm through finals craziness that is the DePaul quarter system, it is easy to get caught up in those to-do lists that are piling high with chapters upon chapters to read and essays upon essays to write.


Whether or not one of your professors has asked you to create a literacy narrative, the UCWbL would like to invite you to take a moment away from the madness and reflect upon the literacy journey that brought you to where you are today. What experiences shaped your tastes as a reader? Tell us about that one book you couldn’t put down again as a kid, or that one mentor who helped you overcome you difficulties with reading. What was the turning point that shaped your voice as a writer? Was there one paper you wrote that fueled your love for writing? Tell us about that one teacher who tore down your writing so bad you were scared to put a pen to paper for months, or that one teacher who gave you the confidence to express yourself openly and honestly with this medium.


Help us map the 25,000 unique literacy paths that brought 25,000 unique Blue Demons to DePaul classrooms by sharing your literacy narrative at either the Loop (Lewis 1600 from 11-2) or LPC (Student Center 1-3) campuses on Wednesday October, 19. You can also share your story at http://depaulwrites.tumblr.com/ .


For more information on literacy narratives check out http://condor.depaul.edu/writing/writers/Types_of_Writing/litnarrative.html!