5 Reasons to Get Through the Next 5 Weeks

Oh, Midterms, how I loathe you. You keep me up at night, stress me out, and you’re like an irksome house guest: best when you’re gone!With Fall quarter there’s a six week break to keep you motivated to get to the end. For Winter quarter, there’s the promise of spring break and the slowly warming air to keep one excited. But by Spring quarter I feel done. The fact that Summer is so close doesn’t act as a motivator but as a cruel torture; it’s so close and yet so, so far. To make the torture a little less cruel, here are 5 things to keep you going for the next five weeks.

1. The weather. It is finally warming up outside, thank the Lord. While it stinks to be inside in class on a gorgeous day, I think we can also be very happy that we’re getting more vitamin D! Also, there’s nothing like studying or sunbathing in the quad!

2. Fest and the Fest Line-up Reveal.  The DePaul Activities Board will be announcing the line up for Fest on May 7th, and the event is only few weeks after that on May 22nd. If you’re a big fan of music, this is the Spring thing to get excited for; previous Fests have featured the musical talents of Childish Gambino, Guster, and even Ludacris.

3. The Spring English Conference, First Year Writing Showcase, or Spread the WoRD Conference. Writing is one of our favorite things at the UCWbL, and we are super excited about all the exciting conferences that come with the spring! Some of our talented UCWbLers are presenting at the English conference, and we have a panel of writing tutors discussing Writers Guild. The First Year Writing Showcase is approaching soon as well, and we’re so happy to see all of the participants as they come into the writing center for appointments. Spring really has love in the air: love for writing, that is!!

4. Shorts/Dresses/NO MORE WINTER COATS. Can you tell that I’m pumped about this one? I’m so excited for the upcoming days where I don’t even need a light jacket when I leave the house. I also have several gentleman friends who are quite pleased that they can wear cargo shorts again: apparently they’ve missed all the pockets.

5. Movies. Avengers is here. In a couple weeks Pitch Perfect 2 comes out, and then June has Jurassic World and Pixar’s Inside Out. It’s a good year for movies, people, and a lot of great ones are about to come our way. They’re just a few short weeks away.

So, as you head into week 6, think less about registration and the impending doom of finals, and think more about all the things that will get you through until June 12th. Only 43 days!