A Promising Start to The Beating Art

The Beating Art, a new show on Radio DePaul, launched its debut this past Monday, Sep. 27 at 9pm by featuring two DePaul spoken word talents.  The UCWbL’s own Devin Leigh, the Host and Creator of The Beating Art, welcomed poets Javon Smith and Jaida Triblet to the show. DePaul students Javon— the founder and president of DePaul’s spoken word group, P.O.E.T.S.— and Jaida— the vice president of P.O.E.T.S. and a Writing Fellow at the UCWbL— kicked off the series  by bringing their experience with performance and writing to the radio show. Jaida started the night off with an urban feel, describing her place of origin through her poem “Ode to Queens.”  Javon then delivered another personal poem that faced the tensions between the LGBTQ and religious communities.

The air was popping with artistic rhythms, yet Devin successfully stepped in to ask the questions that investigate the methods behind the creative process and explore what breathes life  into the art his guests are making. After all, as is evident in the show’s goals and title, art is beating and alive in this city.

Devin Leigh described his vision for the series as emulating “Inside the Actors Studio, but with local Chicago artists.” And although 9pm might immediately seem like an odd hour for engaging in the artistic world, this blogger feels The Beating Art is a must have addition to every DePaulians Chicagoans’ Monday night.

Tune into Radio DePaul by going to the Radio DePaul website and clicking “Listen Now!”

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  • rickydanger says:

    Wow Mia! I had no idea that there was such a thing as The Beating Art. Your summary was witty and compelling. The result: I am excited to check out The Beating Art for myself. I’ve been looking for more places in the Chicago area that host poetry/spoken word readings without requiring a 21+ ID and what better place to start looking than the DePaul campus? Besides, I could use some more entertainment in my Monday night. Thanks!