A Very Vincentian Day! (Scrawl S12 E04)

Hello Scrawl Nation!

Today we had a great episode of Scrawl Radio about the upcoming Vincentian Service Day at DePaul featuring UCWbL Outreach GA James Neisen and Outreach EDGE intern Andra Roventa! The Vincentian Service Day happens every Spring on the first Saturday in May, and the UCWbL is honored to be a part of it.

L to R: UCWbLer James Neisen, Scrawlers Rima Mandwee & Brandon Haskey, EDGE Intern Andra Roventa, Scrawler Mariah Woelfel

We started the episode with a rousing round of Word of the Day where we learned about the word petrichor! Listen in to find out the definition!

After that we discussed the history of and concept behind Vincentian Service Day, as well as the UCWbL’s involvement in the event. The UCWbL will be sending volunteers to Mission of Our Lady of the Angels to work in various areas of their church and community.

We then discussed how our work at the writing center compliments both the overall concept of service and the specific ideas of Vincentian service. Andra made the excellent point that part of Vincentian ideals are centered around action- going out and actually doing the work, and the UCWbL’s Outreach team certainly helps the UCWbL fit into DePaul’s values in that regard! We also discussed ways that tutoring n itself is an act of service.

Then we played America’s Favorite Game where we looked at ways we might incorporate Vincentian ideals into realtime service for the current situations in Nepal, Baltimore, and southern Indiana. Check out the clip and listen to the whole podcast! We had a great discussion today!

You can listen to the podcast today by clicking here or clicking the streaming player at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check the UCWbL out on FacebookTwitter, and Digication!