UCWbLing is a weblog created by writers for writers.  Building on the mission and values of the University Center for Writing-based Learning @ DePaul University, UCWbLing provides a space for all writers to share resources, develop ideas, announce and promote events, reflect on written communication, and raise and debate topics about writing.  We encourage and appreciate active participation by any and all readers, writers, instructors, and researchers.

In addition to these broader goals, UCWbLing provides the UCWbL with a place for us to share and reflect on our own work as Peer Writing Tutors.  We answer questions that writers have–and questions writers might not even know they have.  And not only do we hope that writers find useful and compelling content here, but we also invite instructors and researchers of writing to join our community.

On UCWbLing, we promote the UCWbL and all that we do.  UCWbLing is where you’ll find the staff of the UCWbL UCWbLing: writing, thinking, collaborating, teaching, learning, and, of course, blogging.  Welcome!