The University Center for Writing-based Learning promotes the development of writers, writing instruction, written texts, and the use of writing as a powerful and ubiquitous modality of and for learning. Grounded in the belief that language in general, and writing specifically, shapes and sustains democratic processes, the members of the University Center for Writing-based Learning community believe writing is an important means for an individual’s participation in democracy in that writing promotes learning, critical inquiry, self-development, and reflection through continual revision. We are committed to both DePaul University‘s shared vision to enhance “academic rigor” and DePaul’s mission to promote personalism through appreciation of the “dignity of each individual.” As such, we collaborate with writers from all disciplines, backgrounds, levels of expertise, and roles within the University community. Our goal is to help develop better writers along with better writing. Because we recognize the diversity of our community members in terms of not only their locations but their preferred ways of learning, we use all media of communication for collaboration. As we interact with individuals within the University Center for Writing-based Learning, the University, academic professions, and our global community, we aim to foster a commitment to peer tutoring, teaching, service, and scholarly and creative activities.