(Adjective) Woman

By October 6, 2017Writing about Writing

I want you to close your eyes and think about who the strongest woman in your life is.

Now, who’s the bravest woman that comes to mind?

What about the kindest?

My namesake and my biggest inspiration, Abuelita Susana💖

Whenever I think of a strongest, bravest, and kindest woman I think of my maternal grandmother, Abuelita Susana. Growing up, my Mami always told us stories about how Abuelita worked hard to make sure she and her four children could survive after Abuelo Moises died. At the time of Abuelo’s death, Abuelita didn’t have a very extensive network of support, with many of her family members not able to step in to help.

Regardless, my Abuelita persisted for her children and for herself.

Abuelita’s lifestyle after Abuelo died defined what a woman was and could be to my Mami, and she shared this definition with me. A woman can be strong and brave in the face of adversity and still remain kind despite the hardships she’s faced. It’s not easy, but the things we work hard for never are. Abuelita is a constant source of inspiration to me, and she’s someone I admire a lot.

On October 27, the CMWR will be hosting the third installment of the DePaul Global Women’s Collaborative.* We’re going to explore the intersections between womanhood and our identities. Who are the women we look up to? And why? What is it about their lives and the way they walk through life that inspires us to follow in their footsteps?

Join us in exploring these questions and making a visit to see Kerry James Marshall’s mural honoring some of the “women who’ve worked to shape the cultural landscape of the city, past and present” at the Chicago Cultural Center.


*Note: This event is for women and people who identify as women only.