Advancing Communication in Conversation Partner Appointments

Every quarter, tutors at the UWCbL attend at least one inservice. Inservices are 90-minute workshops that focus on a specific aspect of writing or tutoring. Sam G. and Emily P. led an inservice on “Advancing Communication in Conversation Partner Appointments.”

Here, you’ll find the Prezi we used…


 …and some references we mentioned.

As promised, Sam G. suggested using some online resources for CPAs. Specifically, she mentioned a list of discussion questions for tutors to ask to ensure tutors listen and writers speak and a reading list for different levels of learners.

Emily P. said she would provide suggestions for a few interesting reads on the relationship between writing and speaking as well. Check out the following two articles:

Donald Rubin and Kim Kang’s  “Writing to Speak: What Goes on across the Two-Way Street”


Robert Weissberg’s “Critiquing the Vygotskian Approach to L2 Literacy.”