Being an EDGE at the UCWbL

By February 23, 2015Writing about Writing

What is the DePaul’s EDGE Program?

The DePaul EDGE Program is a year-long program that provides a select group of first-year students with an opportunity to participate in various campus-related departments in order to develop job/career skills, as well as aid the department they are collaborating with.

What do we EDGE students do at the UCWbL?

As  EDGE students at the UCWbL, we currently are aiding and participating in the various teams at the UCWbL. Teams such as SCRAWL, Social Media, and Outreach are some of the various teams us EDGE students are grateful to be able to participate in. We get to learn so many news things, not only about DePaul and what they offer, but also where we can develop as individuals, not only in writing, but also in its relevance to everyday society.

What do I do as an EDGE at the UCWbL?

So far, I have only participated with the SCRAWL and the Social Media teams at the UCWbL, due to scheduling issues (unfortunately). Thankfully, however, I really do enjoy both of these teams that I have been fortunate enough to have  worked with!FullSizeRender-2(Two EDGE students having a blast with the SCRAWL team!)

During the time I have each worked with these teams, I have learned a lot about not only the abundance of services DePaul has to offer (which I was previously unaware of), but also how writing can be applied EVERYWHERE. It is absolutely great to find a community located where I am studying that truly believes that “everyone is a writer.” I am very happy to have been placed with the UCWbL and hope to maybe continue on with the UCWbL after my EDGE year is over!