Crook and Folly (Scrawl S13 E03)

By November 13, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation!

This episode of Scrawl is part one of our two-part publishing series.


To kick-off our two part publishing series we welcomed Eric and Alyssa, Editors of Crook & Folly. Crook & Folly is a DePaul literary magazine that combines art and literature to create a visually appealing exploration of DePaul student-based writing, whether poetry or prose. Eric and Alyssa discussed the goals and mission of the magazine, the process of being published, and the benefits of students having their work published.

Scrawl also welcomed Liam Macken, a current DePaul student writer, to read his poetry. His poem, Bogo (By Golly, He’s Gone Bananas) was published in Crook & Folly and it was the work he selected for this on-air reading.

Liam rejoined us to speak about his publishing experience, what drew him to Crook & Folly, and the  mixture of art and literature.

This week’s episode is streamable through the player at the bottom of this post. You can listen to Scrawl radio every Friday from 11am-noon on the Radio DePaul and through the Radio DePaul app.

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