DePaul Writers read at Aloud! (video)

The Student Center gave the Writers Guild a warm welcome Thursday evening for Aloud! a public reading of fiction, poetry, and essays on the occasion of the National Day on Writing. Seven DePaul writers shared their work and thoughts to an intimate crowd of about 25 guests in the second floor performance space of the Student Center. Though the stories and poems presented contained an unintentional confluence of subject matter concerning strange acts of violence toward animals, the Writers Guild would like to ensure you that this was purely coincidental and that we do indeed all love animals (especially the ones that go well with barbecue sauce).

If you are a creative writer (that includes you, non-fiction writers), the Writers Guild meets both Monday and Tuesday in Lincoln Park and the Loop respectively, and we would like to extend our invitation to any DePaul students, faculty, staff, and alumni to come and bring work to share during our regular meetings. We don’t bite, we promise, though we do frequently digress into metaphysical discourse and spirited debate over which George Romero film most accurately encapsulates the zombie leitmotif.