Digication Now A Google App

By March 1, 2011New Media

According to Digication’s blog, as of January 25th, the Digication e-portfolio is now a Google App.

Digication is the first e-portfolio tool to be offered through Google Apps. The blog states that the more than 10 million students and teachers using Google Apps in schools will now easily be able to integrate the two.

As someone pursuing a career in Education, as well as someone who has worked with Digication e-portfolios, I’m thrilled about this partnership. I really enjoy working with Digication, and can see how it would be a valuable asset to the classrom.

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  • Jeffrey Yan says:

    Thank you for the kind words about Digication. We appreciate it!!!

    • DePaul UCWbL says:

      Any word, Jeffrey, on the iOs app? We’re digging on Digication and having it more fully functional/easier to access on my iPad would be convenient. Thanks!