Not a math person? Not anymore.

By March 1, 2013Outreach and Events

Many of us in the humanities are thrilled with the rise of interdisciplinary studies, but I’m willing to bet there are a few comp-rhet and literature folks who are a little bit intimidated by the idea of bringing scientific research methods into our work.  Nonetheless, the frenzy of activities in the digital humanities has made this new literacy–that is, statistical and mathematical literacy–all the more necessary to doing sound research.

Luckily, there’s help.  For instance, DePaul’s Social Science Research Center just announced a new session of its Certificate program in Qualitative Research Methods.  The course begins April 13 and runs for six consecutive Saturdays.  Here’s more details from their announcement

The course will focus on planning and designing research as well as collecting data using a variety of methods (analysis will be covered in a separate course).  It will touch on political and ethical considerations in every stage of research.

SSRC adds that the course “would benefit those in fields such as public health, criminal justice, public service, social service, or other non-profit organizations,” but really anybody interested in interdisciplinary research bridging the humanities and the social sciences should find something useful in it.  I’m not sure yet if you get a little printed certificate of achievement at the end, but the new skill set should be satisfactory enough!