My Favorite Go-To Place for Writing: Why I Love The Writing Center

Since my first encounter with the writing center during my freshman year, I have considered it a very useful place for me to go whenever I need help with a paper for a class. However, I will admit that my first encounter with the writing center was not by choice, but by the demand of my professor. It was for my Discover Chicago class, and my professor gave the class a paper assignment for the final. As an incentive to receive 5 points towards the paper, the professor wanted the class to go to the writing center to receive help and have a tutor send an appointment report form to the professor as proof that we actually went. As soon as my professor told the class this, I immediately became intimidated; I had never heard of the writing center at DePaul, and  I was nervous about having someone else read my paper and make corrections without my consent. However, I knew it was required as a part of my grade, so I had to suck it up and go.

When I met with a tutor, all of my preconceived notions about the writing center were wrong; the tutor was very helpful with providing me advice about ways to improve my paper, and having someone else read through my paper with me gave me a new perspective. After that first experience, I have made a habit of making an appointment with the writing center every time I have a paper assignment. I consider going to the writing center a part of my revision process, and I think it’s really important for me to use the writing center as a source for improvement with my writing.

Since having my position as a writing fellow at the UCWbL, I still use the writing center as an important source. I was at first a little nervous having one of the tutors read my work, just because I knew them and worked alongside them. After having my first appointment with one of the tutors I’ve worked with, I felt really comfortable receiving feedback from my colleagues. Overall, I will continue to use the writing center as a helpful tool for myself, and I will encourage others , including the writers I fellow for, to use the writing center as an effective guide to not only produce better writing, but ultimately to become better writers.


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