It’s The Final Meltdown (Scrawl S8 E8)

By November 18, 2013Scrawl Radio

1115131159Hello Scrawl Nation! For this week’s episode, Scrawl welcomed Peer Research Tutor Paulina Nava into the studio. Paulina works at the John T. Richardson Library here at DePaul.

Since we had a librarian in the studio, we played our favorite game, That Awkward Moment, where we discover how the library can provide solutions for a variety of stressful finals situations. Paulina gave us lots of really helpful information about how to deal with different last-minute academic catastrophes. Here are some of them:

What do you do during that awkward moment when you have 3 sources but you need 15? Come to the Reference Desk and work with a research librarian.

… when you want some privacy in the library? You can reserve a study room at the Library. First, go to the Library website and click “Room Reservation” under the “Services” tab. Then you will see your options for which rooms you can rent. Click on the room you want and find available times!

…when you need a question answered but you’re at home? On the Library website, you can choose to Ask a Librarian by using the “Chat Now” window in the top-right corner. With this function, you can talk with a librarian through instant messaging to get something cleared up quickly.

… when you find a source at the library but it’s checked out? You can use i-Share to get books from other libraries in the area! Follow the link for more information about how i-Share works!

… when college is hard? There’s nothing anybody can do about that, unfortunately.

We’d also like to take a moment and thank Robert Wilson, our fantastic co-host, for his work on Scrawl Radio! Friday was his last show, and as sad as we are to see him go, we know he’s off to better things.


Due to technical difficulties, we do not have audio available for this episode, but rest assured, Scrawl will return in January! Have a holiday season full of UCWbLessings this year, Scrawl Nation!

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