Yes, you heard me correctly. If you come in for an appointment between the hours of 12pm and 4pm on Monday, May 9th (that’s today!); Wednesday, May 11th; Monday, May 16th; or Wednesday, May 18th, you’ll get free snacks at the UCWbL!

The UCWbL is partnering with students in the EDGE program to bring you this fun event because there is always room for improvement in writing, and of course some extra room in our stomachs! At this EDGE-led event, both of those needs will be fulfilled.

The UCWbL Writing Center is one of the best ways to help out papers that need an extra boost and help you become a better writer (that is one of their missions, after all). They have a team of tutors dedicated to helping students at any point in the writing process. We, the “EDGEterns” working with the UCWbL, have collaborated to host an event that will bring more people to the Writing Center to spread the news about this awesome service — through the stomachs of DePaul students, of course!

So please join us for this event on Monday and Wednesday of Week 7 (May 9th and 11th) as well as Monday and Wednesday of Week 8 (May 16th and 18th) at the Lincoln Park Writing Center! We will be providing munchkins to anyone who comes in for their face-to-face appointment on. Please note that it is STRONGLY encouraged that you make an appointment ahead of time, as walk-in appointments may be limited or unavailable. You can make your appointment on or by calling 773-325-4272. 

We hope to feed you there!