Get Hired: A CMWR Workshop on Applying for Jobs

By May 12, 2014Writing about Writing

Finding a job can be an extremely stressful process for anyone, and it seems like everyone has questions about what the right way to approach this process is. Do I need to include all my experiences in my resume? What should I highlight about myself in the cover letter? What am I supposed to say during my interview?

CMWRWorkshopSQ14HiResOn Monday, May 5, nine international students joined the CMWR for its quarterly workshop. With the end of the school year on its way and people graduating and looking for jobs, we decided to do a workshop focusing on just that: how to apply for jobs in the United States. It was this concept that led to our workshop, “Get Hired: Applying for Jobs in the US”!

Our goal was to give participants the tools and resources to be able to navigate three different aspects of the job search: resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Our resume section focused on explaining what a resume is, how to format one, what content to include, and what kind of language to use. Our next section dealt with cover letters, specifically the different sections (introduction, body, and conclusion) and how a cover letter differs from a resume. Finally, we wrapped up the Workshop with some information about interviews, including some questions that could be asked and some general tips for a successful interview. Throughout the Workshop, we did various activities, including one on resumes in which we all agreed that future employers do not need to know if we have a specific passion for shopping and playing with our two cats.

If you’re sorry you missed out on the Workshop, don’t worry! You can still get all the information from our handouts on resumes, cover letters, and interviews, and you can go through our Get Hired Presentation. If you would like more information on upcoming events or about the CMWR in general, email us at or like us on Facebook.

by: Erin H.