Get Published in Crook & Folly!

Are you a DePaul student with a short story you’re proud of or a poem that makes you weep for the sheer beauty it expresses? Maybe you’ve crafted the perfect personal essay or a whip-smart one act play. It’s time to pull out that piece of writing, dust it off, and submit it to DePaul’s very own art and literature magazine, Crook & Folly.

Crook & Folly? Isn’t that a gastropub in Lincoln Park?

No, silly. It’s the annually published art and lit mag that features the best and brightest literary writing from the DePaul student body. This award winning journal is in it’s 36th year of publication and is the gorgeous love child of the Art & Design and English departments. Although the magazine has been in print for over three decades, it has gone through a name change or two along they way. It was Shakti in the 70’s, then Threshold from the 80’s until 2013, when it was renamed Crook & Folly.

How and where do I sign up?

As I mentioned before, all the content in Crook & Folly comes from DePaul students, both grads and undergrads. If you attend DePaul at any time during the year, then you can submit your work. So, yes, you who are graduating in Winter Quarter, you can have your work considered for the magazine.

The deadline for submissions is in late February (the editors are still figuring out the actual date). For more information, follow them on Twitter @crookandfolly, or like them on Facebook at Crook & Folly. They will also be hosting a few workshops before the deadline so you can have an editor read your work and offer you feedback before you submit. The workshop dates will be announced soon!