Gifts for Your Book-Loving Sweetheart

I love love, and I love Valentine’s day. Other people– I’m looking at you, Patrick K.– like to remind me that Valentine’s day is a made up holiday, but that won’t keep me from finding the perfect gifts for my book-loving sweethearts!

The writing center says that everyone who writes is a writer, so these are really gifts for all of the people in your life, not just your sweetheart. Maybe you could use some of these fantastic gifts for Galentine’s Day, too… though they might be particularly apropos for the people in your life who love books and writing utensils.

  1. For the lady or gent in your life: author and book based perfumes or colognes. Sweet Tea Apothecary offers a variety of scents and options for the lucky significant other in your life. Some of their range includes Pemberley, named for Mr. Darcy’s family home in Pride and Prejudice, and Lenore, so-called for Edgar Allen Poe’s lost love. If you’re just looking to please the writer in your life, try the unisex Dead Writers scent, which “evokes the feeling of sitting in an old library chair paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more.”
  2. If you need something small, look no further. The Fingerprint Bookmark, available on Amazon, allows you not only to mark what page you are on, but the line. The small hand points to line where you left off. This gift is great for any student in your life. I know that I’ve nodded off reading for class before, and this might help me know where I left off when I wake up. Though this won’t help you with the pdf’s in your life, it seems like an ingenious gift for less than ten dollars. Score!
  3. If books and words occupy not just your days but your nights and dreams, why not spend your evenings under a tent that looks like a book? While this gift might not be the most practical for a Chicago book lover, who rarely has the chance to explore nature, practicality isn’t something you should think about when it comes to presents. Throw caution to the wind. This is an in-tents gift.
  4. As your book lover (get it?) travels through life, they’re going to accumulate a lot of different books. Inevitably, they are going to want to share these tomes, but without losing them to their borrower. This personal library kit includes self-adhesive pockets, library cards to put in the book, a date stamp, ink pad, and a pencil. All of your personal library needs in a package under twenty dollars.

While these are only four options for your bibliophile boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or others, there are always staples like Barnes&Noble gift cards. However, that’d be kind of lame after seeing all of these awesome possibilities.

Good luck with your shopping, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Rachel P. says:

    I love this post, Theresa! As a self-professed bibliophile, I want basically all of those gifts you linked. And I love the holiday theme of this post. Yay for Valentine’s Day!