Grown Woman (Scrawl S12 E08)

By June 3, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation!

These are bittersweet times at Scrawl Radio! Last week epitomized this feeling as we bid a fond farewell to our beloved Rima Mandwee by dedicating her final episode of Scrawl Radio to her and to the issues surrounding sexism and feminism in the workforce. And we had on former Scrawl co-host Megan Deppen to mark the occasion.

L to R: Scrawlers Mariah Woelfel, Rima Mandwee, Brandon Haskey, and Megan Deppen

L to R: Scrawlers Mariah Woelfel, Rima Mandwee, Brandon Haskey, and Megan Deppen

We started the show with a rousing round of Word of the Day, and what more appropriate word could we use than the word “rima!” We found out a medical definition for the word as well as an urban dictionary definition after discovering from Rima herself that her name is an especially beautiful meaning in Arabic. Listen below to find out!

After our FIRST Beyonce break of the episode, the gang interviewed Rima about her experiences as a working, professional woman, and both Megan and Mariah chimed in with excellent analysis and commentary.

Then it was time for America’s Favorite Game! For this week, we played a version of the game Heads Up made famous by Ellen DeGeneres. Each of the other hosts wrote down two words to describe Rima, and then Rima held them on her forehead as we tried to get her to guess. Play along at home at see how well you can do!

Finally it was time for our weekly rhetoric segment, and this week we pulled Rima’s application letter to the UCWbL. Be sure to listen to this clip to also hear our goodbyes to Rima and her words of wisdom about her time on Scrawl!

You can listen to the complete podcast today by clicking here or clicking the streaming player at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check the UCWbL out on FacebookTwitter, and Digication!