Hooray for Earth Day! (Scrawl S12 E03)

By April 28, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello, Scrawl Nation!

This was a very special week here on Scrawl Radio, as we had a very special guest for a very important topic. Our very own President of the United States, Barack Obama, spoke to all you Scrawl Nation listeners about Earth Day. Not only do we love Earth Day at the UCWbL and on Scrawl Radio, but we also believe, as the President said, that the attitudes surrounding Earth Day should be the attitudes embodied by all every day!

Rima Mariah Obama

Obama spoke briefly on the history of Earth Day, as well as what his administration has done to promote and contribute to green efforts. Among many acts that have gone through legislation, Obama says that he believes a focus on going green is not only good for the world today, but future generations as well.

Of course, we also played a round of America’s Favorite Game! This week, the game was Who Said It? (Although Mr.President did not participate in America’s Favorite Game; it turns out he’s actually pretty shy!). This is a game where Mariah and Rima researched quotes about Earth Day, and they had to guess who said that quote. One of our favorite quotes from the game was one by the beloved Dr.Seuss:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

We ended the show with our weekly rhetoric segment of a translated speech given by Pope Francis on Earth Day. We focused on how the Pope used many personified adjectives, speaking of the planet as if it is a human, and one whom we should all love and respect. President Obama also had wonderful things to say about Pope Francis and the brief times that they have spoken.

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