How To Avoid An E-Fail (Scrawl S10 E4)

By May 15, 2014Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation! Last week’s episode of Scrawl Radio was all about email etiquette!

We had on UCWbL workshops coordinator Kate Flom to talk about her work on the workshops team as well as the UCWbL workshop about email etiquette!

Scrawl Pic 0509

L to R: Scrawlers Megan Deppen and Rima Mandwee, UCWbL workshops coordinator Kate Flom, and Scrawlers Brandon Haskey and Mariah Woelfel

During the show, we had a rousing good time talking about our old email addresses (some which held up better than others with time), tips for being professional in emails, common pratfalls to avoid, and email pet peeves. Here’s a quick hint: don’t use all caps!

We also played America’s Favorite Game E-Fail My Heart or Wordylocks and the Three E-Mails where Megan, Rima, and Mariah all wrote sample emails to Brandon about a job, and Kate critiqued their work. Listen in to hear the hilarious results!

Finally, we looked did some meta-rhetoric and looked at the rhetoric of the UCWbL’s own email that is sent out to writers who receive written feedback. The UCWbL loves you. That’s clear in the rhetoric 🙂

If you would like to know more about workshops at the UCWbL or if you’d like to have a custom workshop, be sure to check out the workshops portion of our website! 

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