Job Perks of the UCWbL

In my job experiences as a college student, I’ve always basked in the tiny perks that come with the work. I used to work at a suit shop called Bachrach as a retail sales associate. I loathed this job. The customers wouldn’t hold still when I sized them up for a suit. But, at least I got 40% discount on a flashy sport jacket that makes me feel like Brad Pitt.

Then, I worked as a Chocolatier at Godiva. Basically, I was — yet again– just another sales associate. In other words, we were called Chocolatiers for flare, and also so customers could complain to us when they didn’t like our recommendations. But, at least I got all the free chocolate in the world — including chocolate covered strawberries that sell for 7 bucks a pop (I’m not exaggerating).

Now, I work at the UCWbL, a job that I don’t loath, or get flustered with because of snarky customers. The perks of working at the UCWbL are in the job itself: the intelligent conversations with intelligent people, the writing and sharing of writing, the diversity of personalities from both tutors and writers…I could go on. As tutors, we even get amenities like coffee and tea! As I write this, I’ve been sipping on my pumpkin tea — which maybe shouldn’t exist as tea. Anyways, for any student searching for a campus job, I highly recommend the UCWbL. It has great work, fantastic people, and exotic tea. And though I may sound like one of those Shamwow salesmen on TV, I am not. I have been in retail, and I have been in the food business, and I cannot imagine going back after working here.


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  • Emily Power says:

    you should try the red velvet tea. I love working at the UCWbL for the same reasons. It’s great being around such genuine, intelligent, and helpful people. I think it also makes me want to reflect these qualities in my own work as well. I love coming to work when I know that I am walking into a room full of great people! Also, I was just kidding about the red velvet tea. Don’t try that flavor.

  • Maggie C. says:

    Hi Andrew!

    I liked your post! I agree with you that this job is better than most because of the people. Our co-workers are really interesting people with various backgrounds–everyone always has something interesting to say or can provide a new perspective on ideas. But I really enjoy working with writers. I think the best perk of being a peer writing tutor is helping a writer improve their writing; once there is a “lightbulb moment,” I believe we accomplished something during our appointment.