Learn Another Language, Ya Dingus!

Bilingual education in America isn’t exactly up to snuff when looked at in comparison to the global stage. Only about 20 percent of Americans speak more than one language, while countries like Finland and Canada are 97% and 30% bilingual, respectively. In fact, 50 percent of the world’s global population speaks more than one language. In this spirit, we have decided to reach the masses through a street-smart, totally relevant hip-hop slam on the subject. For your consideration…


Fredrich Engles
by Ranger Dan Feat. Logan Berry


I’m a culture vulture
Take your language and put it through a mulcher
Knock you off your pedestal and toss you into the sacred sepulcher
Monolingual education cannot support a nation
Might as well take the Metra home from Quincy station
For your information, if you take a vacation
And identify as an ignorant American you’re gonna get shaken
Like Taken, I’m talking Liam Neeson
In his homeland of Ireland, they’ve got two official languages, so please son
Don’t freeze, son let your words fill the breeze, son.
Crossing cultural boundaries make you feel bouncy
All the way from Turkey to the oceanside of Bali
Sipping on jarritos watch a host propose the toast
Cheers mate, santé, salud and l’chaim mayne
Talking to others takes time
Making them understand takes rhyme
Want to speak with everyone, that’s fine
Create your own like Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof
Esperanto sign-off, now sit for the hook.
Pol-Poly glot-pol
Pol-poly glot
Over twenty languges like
Fred-Fredrich Engles
Ain’t gonna tangle twenty
Tounges says Fred-Fredrich Engles


by Daniel C. and Logan B.