LGBT Leadership (Scrawl S12 E09)

By June 5, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation!

This week’s episode of Scrawl continued the bittersweet journey of the end of a school year as we bid farewell to a Scrawl host for the second week in a row! Co-host, producer, and graduate assistant Brandon Haskey is graduating this quarter, and today’s episode of Scrawl was his final show! Joining us again to celebrate and say goodbye was former Scrawler Megan Deppen! The focus for today’s episode was LGBT leadership in the workplace. Check out clips below as well as the podcast in full at the end of this post!

L to R: Scrawlers Mariah Woelfel, Brandon Haskey, and Megan Deppen

L to R: Scrawlers Mariah Woelfel, Brandon Haskey, and Megan Deppen

As always, Scrawl began with Word of the Day! And, as has been tradition during Scrawl for the farewell episodes, the departing host’s name was the word today. Think you might know what “Brandon” means? Listen here and find out!

Megan and Mariah then interviewed Brandon about his experiences as a gay man in leadership both prior to and during his times at the UCWbL. Check out the clip below to hear his insights and thoughts about the necessity of being out and visible as a gay man. Also listen in to hear Brandon’s thoughts on leadership with students at his former school who were facing a challenging day.

Then the hosts played a quick round of America’s Favorite Game! This week was What Would Brandon Do, a quick game where the hosts all guessed how Brandon might handle certain situations as they arise surrounding LGBT issues.

Finally it was time to say goodbye. As this was Brandon’s final episode, Mariah and Megan both gave heartfelt goodbyes, as well as a recording from absent Scrawl co-host Rima Mandwee. Finally Brandon said his goodbyes, and the team all shed a tear together! Check it all out below!

The first few minutes of the podcast weren’t recorded due to technical issues, but all the good stuff is still there! Scrawl Radio will be BACK in the Autumn Quarter of 2015, so be sure to let the UCWbL know what topics you’d like to see covered in the future! You can listen to the nearly complete podcast today by clicking here or clicking the streaming player at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check the UCWbL out on FacebookTwitter, and Digication!

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