Live Mocha

By June 24, 2011New Media

Last week I told you guys about SharedTalk. Apparently, another free site with similar goals but different features exists as well, known as
Live Mocha is another site where you can practice a foreign language and help others to practice too. What’s different about Live Mocha is that not only does it have the communications/talk feature, but it also has lessons and tests for those looking to actually study a NEW language. For the written and spoken versions of these tests, native speakers can review what you write and say and evaluate it, give you tips, or just connect with you as a conversation partner.

Admittedly, some of these lessons are flawed. I’m an intermediate Japanese speaker, reader and writer, and I spotted numerous errors in their introductory Japanese course. However, the errors were nuanced and small, and for someone unfamiliar with the language (particularly someone who cannot read Japanese characters), it would be invaluable, particularly because it is free. I’m sure that the usefulness is greater still for some languages, so I recommend giving it a shot, especially if you speak a language that you need to review.

Happy learning!