Join us this Monday for late-nite tutoring

By March 14, 2013Outreach and Events

400px-NighthawksThere’s nothing quite like the Richardson Library during Finals Week.  When the sun sinks low and the library’s 24-hour schedule begins, the slender stacks of books, the low celings and rows of fluorescent lights set the stage for what only be described as carnivalesque.  People kick off their shoes, smuggle in pizzas, create beds out of chairs, and re-decorate their study spots to resemble their living rooms.  A coffee bar materializes in the library foyer as the caffeinated throngs grow rheumy-eyed, flashing conspiratorial smiles at one another through mouthfuls of junk food.  By 4 AM, let’s just say it gets a little weird.

Which is exactly why this time, tutors from the UCWbL will be making an appearance.  This Monday, March 18, we’re celebrating the Long Night Against Procrastination by posting up tutors in the Richardson Library from 7 PM to 12 AM.

Unleash your inner nighthawk.  We’ll bring the coffee.  (Yes, there’s free coffee.  Need we say more?)