Nooks and Crannies: Places to Write in Chicago

By January 28, 2016Writing about Writing

In my opinion, Chicago is one of the best cities in the U.S. for a myriad of reasons. Amazing food, great museums, plenty of sightseeing, and… a great environment for writers!

I agree with Donovan, that any writer in the drafting stage knows that a writing environment can be an integral part of the work accomplished. In a city like Chicago, the opportunities to find a great place to write are limitless.

If you like drafting in a quiet and studious environment, the Harold Washington Library is a beautiful building that holds promise. Located in the middle of the Loop, the library is surrounded by gorgeous architecture and the beauty that comes with a big city yet is quiet enough for deep concentration.

If you like drafting in cozy coffee shops, bypass the numerous Starbucks and try something new. There’s the Bourgeois Pig off of the Fullerton L stop and near the Lincoln Park DePaul campus or, my favorite, Dollop Coffee Co. in Buena Park. The Bourgeois Pig is located in a quaint yet busy part of Lincoln Park surrounded by busy intersections and lovely brownstone houses, while Dollop is on a small and quiet street that almost makes you forget you’re in Chicago. Both offer plenty of space, cozy chairs, delicious coffee, and, best of all: free wifi.

If you’re more active or if you like drafting outdoors and near the beach, try Waterfront Cafe on Sheridan Road. With outdoor seating, it’s perfect for a sunny day and has an incredible view of the lake. Or, alternatively, check out the Clock Tower Cafe, right off of Lake Shore Drive. It’s more of a restaurant, but it also has great outdoor seating and brain food perfect for writing. And when you finish your drafting there, take a walk down the beach  or to the park, both of which are steps away.

However you like to write and wherever you enjoy writing, Chicago has something for you. If you’re stuck and need to go somewhere new, try any of these five places. Or, explore the city on your own and let me know in the comments of any great writing spots that you find!

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  • Donovan S. says:

    Glad to see that my post inspired you in some way! When the weather is not as cold and nasty, writing in the park on a breezy summer day cannot be beat. For example, going somewhere along Lake Michigan and writing on a park bench.