Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style! Part 3

Cue blog post number three for Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style. Today’s post is on motivation! Since we are approaching the end of the academic year, you’re probably swamped with work, your non-DePaul friends are out of school, and the warm weather is causing summer fever, so you may be feeling discouraged and a wee bit sluggish on the academic front.

Well, don’t fret because this post will motivate you to complete those projects and finish off the year with a glorious fireworks show (because one bang isn’t enough). With the amazing help from bloggers through Pinterest, here are some tips on how you can get motivated:

  • Stop saying “I don’t feel like it” (By Thomas Frank on College Info Geek)
    • As Frank will point out in his video, the phrase “I don’t feel like it” is an easy trap to fall into as a college student. For me, sometimes I get as far as opening my laptop with the intention to do work and suddenly, 2 hours have gone by on Netflix. The bottom line: it takes serious willpower to motivate yourself and everyone has that power. Now go finish your ePortfolio!


  • Read motivational quotes (By Slip Talk)
    • Who doesn’t like a good ol’ quote now and then? This link has 20 motivational quotes that can help to change your mindset as we approach the end of the quarter. You could also write notes in random places that will help you feel motivated when you least expect it. Personally, I love having a motto to go by in life. The two I use: 1. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and 2.“Everything happens for a reason.” What’s your favorite quote? Comment below!


  • Listen to motivational music (By Susan on 5 Minutes for Mom)
    • This would be helpful before or during working on homework or for your shift at the UCWbL. Especially if you do a private sing/dance number, music can help you to get into a good mood for work. One thing I really hate (but sometimes happens anyway) is starting work with a negative mindset, and we all know that this doesn’t make it any easier or pleasant.


  • De-stress (By fp jana on Free People)
    • The biggest hindrance to staying motivated is stress and, especially at a time like this, you’re probably pulling your hair out. Try to incorporate some of these suggestions into your day to help de-stress. Once you are relaxed, getting work done will be that much easier.


Keep in mind that everyone is different and some strategies will work for some and not others. However, by all means utilize these suggestions and find out what works for you. Work hard everyone, and good luck! For next week’s installment, I’ll focus on something a little more fun: college hacks on student life. Stay tuned and stay motivated!