Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style! Part 1

I’ll admit, I am a Pinterest junkie. Most might identify Pinterest as a hub for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. That is true, but it’s also a handy source for helping you live your life. For those who don’t know how Pinterest works, it produces user-generated content from thousands of sources (mostly blogs) and then categorizes everything from gardening, DIY crafts, fitness, parenting, etc. Anything that could connect to your life is there at your fingertips.

Working at the UCWbL, or even as a student, can sometimes be stressful. And the perfect prescription for this problem is the Pinterest drug to help balance your life as a tutor at DePaul (or wherever you might be tutoring). Here are a few tips from Pinterest that can change your life on organizing.

  • Use Google Calendar (By Ruth Soukup on Live Well Spending Less)
    • Juggling your UCWbL, class, homework, and life schedule can leave you with a gray hair or two. Google Calendar can help you visually see how your days will pan out, plus it syncs with your phone! This way you know when you have free time to unwind with friends or your best friend, Netflix.163886713_4ae91cea44
  • Keep Mondays completely clear (By Meg Biram on The Well)
    • This might be a toughie since the Writing Center needs UCWbLers to work on Mondays, and we all have classes, but I think picking ONE day out of the week to get work done for the week ahead will help to lift a weight off your shoulders. Wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself on a Sunday not worrying about homework due? Because it’s already DONE!a_case_of_the_mondays_by_suedeheadcomic-d3c4xos
  • Clean up your messy desktop with one wallpaper (By Heather Moritz on Moritz Fine Designs)
    • For those of you who have a tsunami of folders on your desktop might find this suggestion amazing. You can organize all your folders into a few squares on the screen and voila! You’ve got a stylish wallpaper that people will gawk at. This will ensure easy access to files and save time during an appointment. You can search online for all kinds of wallpapers, but I definitely recommend checking out the tutorial in the link.


  • Keep a To-Do list and stick to it (By Crystal Paine on Money Saving Mom)
    • A to-do list might be a no-brainer for organization, but sticking to it is the real challenge. This blog entry gives three strategies to ensure you will finish your list. A to-do list can help you accomplish tasks for the UCWbL and potentially avoid procrastination.4579520419_3668704c59_o

Has your interest been piqued? Then check out Pinterest yourself. These tips are just a small handful of what you can find. Stay tuned in for next week on the next installment of Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style. The next topic will be… *drum roll* Staying Focused!

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  • Kayla D. says:

    These are so helpful! I never really knew that Pinterest could be more than DIY projects and recipes, so first of all thank you for opening up that whole other world for me. Second of all, I really enjoyed the link that discussed how to get your to-do list done. I am definitely one of those people that makes an impossibly long to-do list, and then end up feeling so overwhelmed that I barely complete anything! So these tips are something that I look forward to implementing into my life for the future.

    • JenniferFu says:

      I’m glad you liked it! I always have several to-do lists of the same thing in multiple places (phone, memo book, and dry erase board) because I’m forgetful. Let me know how these tips work out for you!

  • Ryan M says:

    “Working at the UCWbL, or even as a student, can sometimes be stressful.”

    This might be the single greatest understatement in the history of mankind.

    That being said, I really enjoyed this post. I think it is really creative, thoughtful, and fun. Pinterest isn’t something I have gotten into, and honestly I think I’m probably turned away from it because it is regarded as “girly.” I didn’t even know things like this were on Pinterest. I thought it was mainly arts and crafts, but if little life tips like this are prevalent it might be worth a look.

    • JenniferFu says:

      Thank you! Pinterest actually has tutorials for learning new skills such as repairing motorcycles, which would not be girly at all haha.

  • Hello from a fellow Pinterest addict 🙂 Our Writing Center isn’t on Pinterest, but I’ve seen many students who use Pinterest to gather and save writing tips and resources.

    Love that desktop wallpaper!