Is It Public History? (Scrawl S9 E7)

By March 6, 2014Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation! For this week’s episode, we welcomed to the studio Lisa Junkin-Lopez, who is currently serving as the Interim Director at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum. Lisa also worked on the exhibit, A Report to the Public: An Untold of the Story of the Conservative Vice Lords, which won the Outstanding Public History Project Award from the National Council on Public History.


L to R: Scrawlers Megan Deppen, Brandon Haskey; public historian, Lisa Junkin-Lopez; and Scrawler Kevin Kauffman

For our readers who might not be familiar with this field, Lisa helped us define the term public history as history projects intended for a wider, public audience rather than for academic historians. We made sure to play the ever-popular game, “Is It Public History?” During the game, Scrawler Brandon Haskey taught us about the intriguing case of the 1900 Census data for St. Joseph, Missouri. Also, Scrawler Kevin Kauffman shared his experiences contributing to A Report to the Public, which focused on a national conference of social activist groups in the 1970s.

Kevin’s panel and the rest of the exhibit can be viewed Mondays through Fridays, 10am to 1pm, at the Spirit of Truth Church, 3447 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL 60624. If you are curious about public history and/or research on social activism in Chicago, then you should check out this episode!CVL


Part of an exhibit panel, which includes contributions from Scrawl host Kevin Kauffman

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Original Air Date: 2-28-14