Reilly W. on Writing with Music

By January 24, 2017Writing about Writing

“Incorporating musical imagery with creative composition resulted in some inspired writing.”

-Linda George Scott


In my experience, the process of writing requires that I listen to music. There is just something about writing with the company of music that encourages creativity that I would not be able to achieve in the silence. Therefore, I created a Spotify playlist of the music I find most suitable for writing. My hope is that other UCWbLers will reference this playlist to listen to when they are writing themselves. I recognize that listening to music while writing may prove distracting to some. However, I think that writing, especially when providing feedback as a peer tutor, becomes a more fluid action when it is guided by music.

In addition to the fifty songs that I compiled to write to, I created a collaborative and public playlist that other UCWbLers can contribute to. I would love to see what songs other UCWbLers like to write to!

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  • Hajrije K says:

    So I recently wrote an entire poem with Beyonce’s Lemonade on repeat for hours. I was used to listening to more mellow and tame music while writing, but that evening, I was really feeling the combination of poetry and Queen B.