Rhetoric of Broadway (Scrawl S15 E07)

By May 30, 2016Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we delved into the world of Broadway.


This week was a special because one of the UCWbL Edge-terns, Alex O., got to host to show, along with Ryan, Kate, and Brendan, to present her Edge project. For her project, she decided to take Scrawl and focus it on Broadway by first discussing the Tony Awards, including a Tony’s watch.

During the second segment, Alex was able to get Brandon Hudson of the Broadway musical, Hamilton, to call-in for a Q&A on various topics, such as how he entered into acting, the work it takes to get into Broadway, and the preparation and memorization of lines and parts as a swing (someone who takes the place of one of the main cast if they are not able to perform on a particular night).

Ryan, Kate, Brendan, and Alex O. discussed the Rhetoric of Pop, which this week was a Rhetoric of Show Tunes: a moment during the show where a top hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is analyzed. This week featured Rent’s “Light my Candle”

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