Rhetoric of Sports and Sports Writing (Scrawl S15 E06)

By May 26, 2016Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we delved into the rhetoric of sports and sports writing.


This week Ryan, Brendan, and Michele L, welcomed Chris A, a former blog writer for ESPN and public address announcer for DePaul, to discuss the rhetoric of sports and sports writing. Chris detailed how one approaches sports from a journalistic perspective, social media in sports, and  the do’s and don’t’s of writing about athletes. Michele, our correspondent, brought in another poem, this time read by Jack Murphy, “Steph Curry is my Favorite Player,” for our weekly poet series.

Ryan, Brendan, Michele, and Chris discussed the Rhetoric of Pop: a moment during the show where a top hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is analyzed. This week featured Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

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