Romance and (w)Riting: In Medieval Reaction Images

By September 23, 2016Writing about Writing



This article will finally give you concrete answers to how romance and writing are related according to a peer tutor from the UCWbL at DePaul University.  


They’re both hard

Romance and writing are two of the biggest headache inducers according to the extensive science research that I have conducted as an Elementary Education major at DePaul University.


Sometimes you just can’t find the words

In both writing and romance, you may find yourself having a hard time articulating your thoughts. In either a spontaneous split or an annoying assignment, people can feel as if they are at a loss for words.


You can get attached

In writing, the revision process proves to be difficult for those who have grown an attachment to the way that their draft is written. In comparison, well, sometimes people just cannot move on. And we have all been there before…for both.


You can use writing to obtain romance

Some say chivalry is dead, but us UCWbLers have an inside scoop: love letters. Love letters are an opportunity to confess your feelings in written word. In an era which emphasizes texting and social media, a hand written letter to your crush might just seal the deal.