By October 18, 2016Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we talked about Writing groups.

Brendan P and guest hosts Robert D. and Matthew P. discussed various Writing Groups, including Writing Fellows and Writer’s Guild. The topic of Writing Fellows led to the three examining their experiences with the process and how it differed from a typical writing center appointment, in terms of rapport building and the sharing of feedback with the writer for their work. Brendan, a member of Writer’s Guild, shared his observations of a typical Writer’s Guilds meeting, such as when they meet, how they share work, and the benefits of being in a writing group.

Brendan, Robert, and Matthew discussed the Rhetoric of Pop, which this week was a Rhetoric of Show Tunes: a moment during the show where a top hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is analyzed. This week featured Kenny Chesney’s’ “Setting the World on Fire”


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