By October 25, 2016Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we talked about the Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit.

Brendan P and guest host Matthew P. welcomed Nat G. and Eric H. to discuss the Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit. The Summit is a yearly event where tutors across all disciplines meet to share tutoring strategies and experiences. This year, Nat and Eric are helping to organize the event. They shared how these experiences are presented, what topics are discussed, how round robins work, and which tutoring disciplines attend the summit.  Also, the keynote speaker will be Joyana Dvorak, Service Immersion Coordinator of the Vincentian Service Office.

Brendan, Robert, and Sophie discussed the Rhetoric of Pop, which this week was a Rhetoric of Show Tunes: a moment during the show where a top hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is analyzed. This week featured Bruno Mars’ “24k Magic”


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