Was That Alan Rickman? (Scrawl S3 E4)

By February 7, 2012Scrawl Radio

On this wonderfully fresh episode of Scrawl, Alan Rickman reads the news, Lil John says “What,” and Tom Brokaw mumbles away. Yes, we got them in studio; we’re kind of a big deal.

Special guest Maria Hlohowskyj  stops by to chat about the #McDStories, specifically how and why this campaign failed.  Lending us her expertise on social media, Maria also gives some suggestions for writers approaching this new and changing genre.

After the break, the gang returns with news on the ethnic studies and book banning in Tucson, AZ.  In what turns into a heated and passionate discussion, the gang talks about the real reasons behind the banning and joins sides with LibroTraficante.  Stay tuned for a future episode dedicated to the Arizonan debacle.

Also, Morgan Haner delights us with some of his newest demos!

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