What’s a Podcast? (Scrawl S4 E2)

By May 1, 2012Scrawl Radio

You waited, and it is here! The second episode of, yes, our fourth season! Tune in to the dandy little audio file below to listen as Scrawl talks podcasting.  No, not casting pods, but the audio sensation that’s sweeping the nation.  We talk with Hot Topics in Writing, the UCWbL’s very own fly podcast team!

Hot Topics members Mo and Matt share their insider knowledge about the world of Podcasting.  They also play a few clips for us and talk about their future projects.

Click to listen (right-click and “Save Link As” to download)!

Air Date: 4-20-12

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  • Abby says:

    Was this the last episode that you featured the word of the day? I’ve missed it on other episodes 🙁