Scrawl Sneak Peek: Leader of the Pack! S12 E02

Greetings DePaul students and faculty!

On this week’s episode of the lovely Scrawl Radio show, we will be discussing leadership and what it takes to be a leader, particularly at DePaul’s very own University Center for Writing-based Learning. The guest on this week’s show will be Ryan M., a Peer Writing Tutor and sophomore majoring in Journalism and minoring in American Politics.

This segment on the show will discuss how to take action and be a leader here at DePaul University, the Student Leader Institute, and the Rhetoric of Leadership  in the work force. Regardless of class standing, students can get an early start with leadership experience and evolve into that leadership role, as Ryan will discuss on the show. He will be talking about his past experiences as an EDGEtern with the SNL office last year and the leadership experience he has gained through EDGEterning.

So, with all that said, make sure to tune in to this week’s show to find out more about leadership, what it takes to be a leader, and leadership roles here at DePaul. Likewise, remember that the Writing Center is hiring this Spring Quarter, so go on and look at DePaul’s Writing Center website for application information or, even better yet, come in to the UCWbL, located in Lincoln Park Writing Center, SAC Room 212 or in the Loop Writing Center at 25 E. Jackson Lewis Center 1600!

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  • Rachel P. says:

    Thanks for this post, Gen! This episode of Scrawl sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to listen!