Greetings DePaul!

On this week’s episode of the lovely Scrawl Radio show, we will be discussing the application process as well as hiring, particularly for DePaul’s very own University Center for Writing-based Learning, which is hiring this Spring Quarter! The guest on this week’s show will be Cynthia Medrano, a Head Writing Fellow and Peer Writing Tutor, as well as a junior majoring in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse here at DePaul University.

As we all know, the application and hiring process is part of the working world and cannot be avoided, regardless of the amounts of attempts tried. In all honesty, it can be quite stressful and not to mention intimidating, whether one is applying for an internship, a job, or even a school! By having this segment on the show, we hope to alleviate this stress, as well as intimidation, in the application/hiring process with our tips and discussion on the show.14089974005_67509700a1_b

So, with all that said, make sure to tune in to this week’s show to get tips and advice on how to have a successful application and hiring process. Remember, the Writing Center is hiring this Spring Quarter, so go on and look on The University Center for Writing-based Learning website or, even better yet, go on in to the UCWbL located in Lincoln Park Writing Center, SAC Room 212 or in the Loop Writing Center at 25 E. Jackson Lewis Center 1600!