ScrawlS11E12 Crook and Folly

By February 10, 2015Scrawl Radio

Good morning Scrawl Nation!

Last Friday, Stephanie Klein from DePaul’s literary magazine, Crook and Folly, joined us to talk about writing and editing for a lit-mag!

Stephanie Klein joined Scrawl last week for an episode about DePaul's lit journal, Crook and Folly!

Stephanie Klein joined Scrawl last week for an episode about DePaul’s lit journal, Crook and Folly!

After an exciting round of Word of the Day, we delved into the world of literary magazines and journals.

DePaul has published its art and literature journal annually since the 1960s –but back then it was called Shanty,  in the 80s it was Threshold, and today it is Crook and Folly.

Crook and Folly accepts a spectrum of genres like fiction, and non-fiction (Stephanie’s “personal jam”), poetry, dramatic literature, and microprose.

Microprose is a relatively new genre that ties into the evolving practice of short, concise writing.

“[Microprose] opens up new opportunities, but the restraints of it also pose new interesting challenges,” Stephanie said.

Microprose is a piece of fictional or non-fictional writing within a 1,000 word  limit. It is not the same thing as poetry, and it is an exciting new way to experiment with brevity and micro-writing.

Stephanie and the Scrawlers then discussed the strategies for giving good feedback at Crook and Folly workshops and in the UCWbL. We have a lot in common! Crook and Follies (the Crook and Folly equivalent of UCWbLers) also believe that everyone is a writer; good feedback means empowering their writers with credit for their own progress.

Crook and Folly  invites students to not only submit their work for publication, but also receive feedback from experienced, published writers at Crook and Folly workshops.  What is more awesome than revising drafts with other writers? Ask an UCWbLer and they’ll tell you, “nothing!”

Students can also bring their creative writing to the UCWbL for feedback! We don’t just read essays and “academic” stuff, ya know! 

Students interested in submitting their work should come to Crook and Folly workshops! The next one is on Saturday, February 21 from 11:00-2:00 . Check back on their Facebook page for the exact location!

Submissions for Crook and Folly are Monday, February 23 at 11:59 p.m. to 


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