ScrawlS11E14 International Writing Centers Week at the UCWbL!

By February 19, 2015Scrawl Radio

Good morning Scrawl Nation!

This week we brought back Scrawl’s go-to guest, Carolyn Rudinsky, and James Niesen to talk about one of the UCWbL’s biggest events of the year, the International Writing Centers Week!

Happy International Writing Centers Week! (L-R) Edge intern, Mariah, Brandon, guy, Jason, Rima, Carolyn, and Megan

Happy International Writing Centers Week! (L-R) EDGE Intern Gen, Mariah, Brandon, EDGE Intern William, James, Rima, Carolyn, and Megan

The UCWbL dominated social media last week with #IWCW, photos of our space, and tweets and posts relevant to the celebration.

Carolyn and James on the outreach team helped organize the events for the 9th annual IWCW, which is put on by the International Writing Centers Association. Promoting the UCWbL was a goal of the events, and UCWbLers published their social media outreach results here!

The quarterly Writers Guild Open Mic Aloud reading was one of the events that brought a bunch of attendees and guest reader Marc R. Brandt, who is a DePaul alumnus, former UCWbL graduate assistant,  and editor at the Silver Thought Press.

IWCW was a great way to celebrate our UCWbL pride, connect with other writing centers, and make the DePaul community aware of our awesome services!

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