Six-Word Memoirs with the CMWR

Next Avenue challenged its readers to write their six-word memoirs. I passed this challenge along to the CMWR team, and in pure CMWR fashion, they created both serious and funny ones.

Some were about the CMWR:

  • CMWR: good people and good times. (Susie M)
  • Building community. One conversation. Then another. (Hana Y.)
  • Connecting, one discussion at a time. (Hana Y.)

Others took a funny approach:

  • Damn, my selfies look too good. (Susie M.)
  • Nothing matters when you’re a reptilian. (Susie M.)
  • Look, I know the guac is extra. (Monisa A.)
  • I kill centipedes in rain boots. (Kiernan G.)

And way outta left field came memoirs about me and my commute to school:

  • On the Metra train Susie commutes. (Alex A.)
  • Susie commutes on the Metra train. (Kate K.)
  • Susie brings tamales via the Metra. (Hana Y.)
  • Wait, should these be about Susie? (Nina G.)

What is your six-word memoir? Is it funny? Serious? A combination of both? Share yours with us in the comments section!