Some GOOD news for writing tutors

By April 10, 2013Peer Writing Tutoring

GOOD Magazine and the Apollo Group teamed up to produce an infographic based on research into what employers think about the current crop of college graduates entering the workforce.

Here are some fast takeaways: first of all, the areas where college students generally score lowest are the same areas where writing tutors have an edge.  Written communication, innovation (let’s call it problem-solving), collaboration, and oral communication are all part of a writing tutor’s skill set.

Second, tutors also tend to have more access to the types of professional development that employers like to see in job candidates–we’re no strangers to mentoring others, nor are we new to self-instruction (and the requisite ability to reflect and improve) with all the on-the-job training we do.

This is encouraging news for tutors who are graduating.  Want a pro-tip?  Use the language represented in the graphic to help design application materials that really target what employers are looking for, and don’t miss our advice for tutors trying to represent their experience on their résumés.

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