How to get storified

By May 15, 2013New Media

Take a minute to browse this Storify piece from The Today Show.  How many types of social media can you point out?

Twitter, Vine, Instagram–with Storify, you can reassemble the far-flung fragments of the web and social media spheres into a coherent narrative along a timeline-like interface.  Then, you can repost it and share it across the same mediums through which you constructed it, over your Facebook, Twitter, or blog accounts like this one.

Megan Daniels at The Knewton Blog lists some possible ways teachers can use Storify in the classroom, such as a project compiling opposing and complementary viewpoints on a current event.  But news programs like The Today Show (as we’ve already seen) and Chicago’s WBEZ have also used Storify to aggregate lots of related developments into one slick, desktop- and mobile-friendly bundle.  In the walk-through I designed below, I use Storify to show why it’s been a great month for the Chicago hip-hop scene.

Step 1: Start your story.



Step 2: Give it a title.




Step 3: Find your media.




Step 4: Drag and drop it into the timeline.





Step 5: Add text boxes to give it some context.



Step 6: Repeat 3-5 as necessary!


Your finished product will look something like this:

Try making one of your own and post it below!