Your new favorite adverb in digital design

By May 30, 2013New Media

One of the latest trends in new media weds simplicity and aesthetics together: mobile-friendly one-page websites.  But what can you do with only one page?  More than you might think. curates some of the most gorgeous one-page websites out there, and you can see there’s a whole range of contexts where slimming down to one page can strengthen your message.

crema-thumbBusinesses in particular can do a lot with a little, grabbing the attention of your audiences without sacrificing the essentials.

Check out Crema, a Nashville coffee shop, who have combined some full-frame HD photos of their delicious brews with the shop’s business hours.  What else do you need?

thinkbear-thumbBut writers and other creatives will be happy to see how these one-page designs can help showcase your many skills.  Check out Copenhagen-based designer Jens Nielsen’s portfolio.  Even with a wide range of achievements, Nielsen finds a way of representing it all in just one page.

Now about that adverb: Strikingly, a new start-up,  makes it easier than ever to build a single-page website that looks gorgeous on any platform–a tablet, a smartphone, or your laptop–so that no matter how somebody finds you online, you’ll always look your best.  Even with its intuitive interface, Strikingly doesn’t sacrifice looks or functionality.  So if you’re thinking about how to establish your online presence, or if you’ve been in the game a while but would like to freshen your website up, consider playing around with Strikingly.