Summer Reading Staff Picks…Part 2

Check out today’s second installment of the Summer Reading Staff Picks!  Tutor Sam T. shares his two recommendations…


A good read for… Anyone who enjoys deep, thoughtful science fiction, but also wants something really exciting.

What’s it about?  Dune is a massive work. It’s the  story of royal intrigue, the coming of age of a young boy, a planet throwing off the yoke of imperialism, and a group of these really cool people who ride gigantic sand worms. It explores the relationship between superstition and religion, examines what it means to be a hero, and has some awesome fight scenes.

So why is it a top pick? Frank Herbert went all out with this novel. He has truly created another world (no, another galaxy!) in Dune. You will find yourself completely engrossed in the mystery of the plot and the detail of the setting!

WEBSITE: PolitiFact

A fun perusal for… People who want to stay informed about politics.

What is it?  Politifact is a website that tracks the promises politicians make. It lets you know if they have kept the promise or broken it; giving you a detailed summary of the promise. They keep tabs on virtually all politicians within the US.