The 2017 Liz Awards!

This Saturday marks the second ever UCWbL Liz Awards, née the Penny Awards, as well as The UCWbL’s 10-year anniversary celebration. The Liz awards are a time for UCWbLers to reflect on the work they have done over the past academic year and to award tutoring achievements and excellence here at The UCWbL. The event will also showcase UCWbL talent and projects, such as breakroom episodes from our own Scrawl Radio, a series of UCWbL memory clips from film team member Emmy D., and musical/spoken word/ comedic performances from UCWbL staff. The celebration is not only to celebrate the work completed in the past, but a look towards the future of The UCWbL, projects that are to come, and saying goodbye to some of our beloved co-workers as they move on to other great things.


Matthew Pearson, the UCWbL’s Associate Director, and I have been working together over the past quarter to make the award show as spectacular as possible. As someone who has had little experience in event planning, I was nervous to take on a responsibility this large, but Matthew has been an amazing help and has taught me a lot over these last few months. When asked about what the Liz Awards means to him, Matthew responded, “The Liz Awards are a super fun way to celebrate the UCWbL community and go over-the-top in trying to honor the amazing work that our peer writing tutors do in their work with writers and instructors, etc. This year is cool because we’re celebrating the UCWbL’s ten-year anniversary and have invited alums to the Awards for the first time ever.”


As you go about your last few days of the year at DePaul and at the UCWbL, take time to reflect on everything you as a tutor and writer have accomplished, begin to think about your goals for the future, and start picking out your outfit for this Saturday’s event! We are so excited to see you all there!