The CMWR Takes a Trip to Chinatown

Spring weather has finally decided to come to Chicago, and it was just in time for the CMWR’s Walk and Talk to Chinatown.

photo 1[1]Our first stop on our trip was the Nine Dragon Wall on Cermak and Wentworth.  The mural is modeled after a larger one in BeiHei Park in Beijing.  The Chicago Chinatown wall has over 500 dragons painted in red, green, and gold, which represent good fortune in China.  After posing for a quick photo, the group ventured north down Wentworth to the Chinatown Square.

The Chinatown Square is a two story shopping and dining center in Chinatown.  During our walk through the square, Coco, Kent, and Jay told us all about the restaurants and the different types of food they serve.  The different regions of China have different types of food, and there was quite a bit of debate on which was the best! We also go the inside scoop on which Chinatown Square restaurants were the best and most authentic.  We also learned about  different herbal remedies and even traditional Chinese alcohols.

photo 3[1]After our walk  down the strip of stores and restaurants, we stopped in the big square and checked out the Zodiac statues.  There are twelves statues, one for every animal in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Chinese Zodiac calendar is based on the year you were born in.  Of course we all stopped to read our Zodiac.  There was even a short firework show. Well ok, it was just two boys throwing the popper noise makers–poppers, snappers, bang snaps, whatever you want to call them.

photo 3[11]

Our amazing trip ended at MingHin restaurant where we had a great sampling of some delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine.  We had fried shrimp balls, egg rolls, a selection of pork, some spicy cucumbers, and other great dishes.  There was also a brief competition to see who was the best hand with chopsticks. Kent impressed all of us when he picked up his mug with his chopsticks

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